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The fees below are payable at the time of your session and include a complete set of the photographs resulting from the session as 7"x5" prints.

Standard Session = 30 minutes for £45 (or £100 including a CD of jpg files).

- Between 10 and 15 different pictures.

Mini Session = 15 minutes for £25 (or £60 including jpg files).
- Between 5 and 8 different pictures.
- Mini sessions will be available only when I can schedule at least two sessions back-to-back.

Double Session = one hour for £80 (or £180 including jpg files).

- Between 20 and 25 different pictures.

"Real Life" Session - photographs of your children playing in their own home and/or garden (Long Buckby only).
Price = as a standard session but it may take around 45 minutes.

Birthday Parties (Long Buckby only) - I will photograph your child's party for the price of a standard session for upto 1 hour. I charge £10 for each additional half hour.

Having paid the session fee, you can buy extra pictures at the special reduced prices listed below.
(In situations with no session fee, my full prices apply - i.e. 3 times the prices listed below for prints, and double the prices shown for jpg files).

A 7"x5" print of each different photograph resulting from your session = £10 (mini) or £20 (standard).
You can choose a set of 6"x4" prints for the same price if you prefer.

SET OF 10"x8" or 12”x8” PRINTS:
A 10"x8" or 12”x8” print of each photograph resulting from the session = £20 (mini) or £40 (standard).

A jpg file of each photograph resulting from your session on a CD.
Special prices = £40 (mini) or £60 (standard).

- upto 7”x5” £2
- 8”x6” £3
- 10”x8” or 12”x8” £4
- 12"x10" £5
- 14”x11” £6
- 16”x12” £8
- sheet of 4 identical 3.5"x2.5" prints = £4

Photographs as jpg format files that can be printed, copied or viewed on your computer.
Price = £12 per photograph.

Please click one of the pictures below to see the prices of other products.
Prints to fit non-standard framesA4 multi-image printsExample of an A4 multi-image print12"x12" print with 9 square pictures - £15Photo in credit card sized plasticPhoto book from £35 (special price)Canvas wrap from £65